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Miss JK (Janet Kay) Williams – Executive Director
JK Williams, Explorer Girls

Founded in 1982 by JK, Explorer Girls, Inc. is a Christ-centered, Bible teaching ministry, whose purpose is to present Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of every day living to girls.  JK is responsible for the overall operation.  She meets with new contacts interested in knowing more about EGs; visits churches currently using the program; trains leaders; speaks on retreats or at banquets; chairs the Board of Directors, the Advisory Board, and the Finance Committee; and does a lot of correspondence.  She also teaches women's Bible studies and a Sunday School class.  She has been the Camp Director for EG's summer camp ministry over the past 8 years.  EGs is currently in 26 churches in 5 states ministering to girls pre-school through high school.

Mrs. Patricia Bendorf – Director of Public Relations/Achievement
Patty Bendorf, Explorer Girls

Patty's responsibilities:
All aspects of Explorer Girls publications.

  • Assisting other staff members when called upon.
  • Designed and administers Explorer Girls web site; it's
  • All aspects of Explorer Girls awards and achievement program supplies.
  • Processing orders for supplies & publications received from churches utilizing Explorer Girls in their ministry.

Rev. & Mrs. Daniel Ebert III – President

As mission president Dan is responsible for the general oversight of the work. His present ministry involves writing mission publications - Mission Pathways, study books for pastors, and devotional articles printed and distributed in Asia. Dan speaks at conferences in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia, as well as at special meetings on the Hilltop campus. Dan has completed the revision of the Palawano New Testament translation and is now working on a Palawano Hymnal. Dot assists in the printed ministry, manuscript preparation and helps Dan in many other ways in his ministry

Dr. & Mrs. William Ebert

Bill and Darla are involved in a teaching ministry in the Bible school and seminary here, also pulpit supplying, seminars and Bible studies. Bill also preaches on Sundays; his teaching ministry includes Hebrew, Old Testament, New Testament and he also does counseling. Darla, who has the gift of letter writing, is involved in keeping up with correspondence; Darla is also involved in various women's ministries.

SEND International Missionaries
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Harbour
Missionaries to Republic of China (Taiwan) Mark and Ruth served in Chingshui to help establish the Chingshui Gospel Church until 1994; they helped establish the Evangelical Formosan Church in Taichung until 1999. Since 2000, they have been working at the Hsin Peitou Baptist Church in Taipei. Mark teaches Church History, Church Planting, and Bible at Tao Sheng Seminary in Taipei, and also teaches courses at Discipleship Training Center in Keelung, and at Hakka Mission Seminary in Chutong. Ruth, Mark's wife, is involved with evangelistic visitation with the ladies in the church; as well as home-schooling, being a mother to their children and assisting Mark whenever possible.

Miss Judith (Judy) Severns
Judy is involved with the pre-field orientation to all of SEND’s new missionaries. She works with the others in the TCK department to assist families as they plan for their children’s education. Some families will be going to fields where there are established MK schools, while others will be in remote locations where home school, one room schools, or internet education options may be used. Still others will have their children attend national schools for part of their education. SEND’s concern is that families receive input and support with whatever option(s) they choose for their children. Another focus for Judy is the development and delivery of a training module for teachers who will be going to one room school settings. Part of Judy’s assignment is to be “missionary in residence” at Warrington Fellowship church where she is involved in teaching, discipleship and missions.

Miss Virginia (Ginny) Crapser

World Team (U.S.A.) Headquarters
          Ginny is the Coordinator of World Team’s MK (missionary children) ministry and in particular work with those transitioning back for college. I am the registrar for our R.A.C.E. candidate orientation which is 3 times a year. That includes invitations, housing, transportation, compiling notebooks and some teaching. An additional responsibility is helping those who are in the process of retiring or resigning from the mission. Another task is prayer coordinator for office prayer times. Other ministry includes representing World Team, Explorer Girls, Sunday school and serving on the EG Board of Directors.

Dr. & Mrs. Trevor Douglas

Trevor and Norma are engaged in the leadership development of both church elders and young people emanating from a singular tribal group: the Ayangan-speaking Ifugaos. Trevor both teaches and develops curriculum materials for them to use and Norma helps get the curriculum into shape for printing. Trevor is also heavily involved in overseeing the Old Testament translation into the local language and as such does both translation and checking.

Other Missionaries
Rev. & Mrs. Allyn Huntzinger – Christar Missionaries

Allyn serves as Executive Vice President and Donor Relations at Christar.  Though spending most of his time at headquarters serving the 300 missionaries around the world Allyn has kept up his Persian (Farsi) language and has some opportunities to continue ministry among Iranians.  He has also written a book "Persians in the Bible."  Allyn welcomes opportunities to teach classes, lead seminars, and minister the Word of God in order to share his burden for reaching Iranian people for Christ.
          Diane works in the financial office of Christar and processes such things as medical claims, tax forms and inputting information from financial donations into Christar's computer data base.

The Simon Family – Independent Gospel Churches & The Assoc Bapt Missions

Annamma is primarily involved in the Day School ministry. She also spends considerable time at the orphanage each week as well as working with the women’s ministry at the churches.
Shibu primarily will be focusing on the church-planting ministry and will be teaching one or two classes each semester at the college. He travels to a church each Sunday and plans and teaches the seminars for the pastors each month.
Shaju directs all of the para-church ministries. He too assists with the church planting part of the ministry, traveling to a church every week. He teaches at the college and works with the Evangelistic Team.

Margaret Rineer – Africa Inland Mission (AIM) Int'l., Inc.

         Margaret serves at Missionary Kids Ministry (MKM), a "Home Away from Home" in Hatfield, PA, for late high school and college age MKs (missionary kids) whose parents are serving the Lord overseas.  Margaret provide spiritual, emotional, social, and physical care for the MKs who join their family from various countries and mission boards, as well as counsel many other MKs in need. 
          The Rineer's also minister as AIM's MK Services Coordinators, responsible for AIM's 175+ MKs age 18-25 here in the States while their parents serve overseas.  This involves much personal interaction with MKs throughout the year by various means.  They are Coordinators for Rift Valley Academy's Alumni Association, and travel to reunions, counsel alumni, and maintain the extensive 3,700+ member database.

IBC also supports, at various times and ways, the following Christian organizations:
Explorer Girls, Inc.
Whosoever Gospel Mission
George Murray's (President, Columbia International University) Travel Fund
Mt. Gilead (a Christian camping & training center)

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